Festival Guide

Festival Map

How to come ?

The festival's precise location will be revealed to those who bought a ticket. If you did, you will receive an email 3 to 7 days before the date of the festival, with the exact address and guidelines for a safe trip.
This is done to preserve the intimate and peaceful mood of this gathering.
To give you some informations if you have to plan your trip, here are some indications:

  • By car: 1h30 South of Paris

  • By shuttle bus: 5€ from the nearest train station. The name of the train station is revealed to those who bought a Bus Ticket. Going there from Paris is free with a “Navigo” pass, and doesn’t need any reservation to get in.

  • By ridesharing: find friends to ride with by checking out the comments on the Facebook event page.

  • By cycling: some have done it. Good luck !


At your arrival you will be welcomed by a cheerful team to get your festival-goer bracelet. You will have to show your ID card and your Sanitary Pass (negative PCR test taken within 48h, your immunity certificate or your vaccination certificate) to be allowed to enter the festival.

The entrance is one of the information spots on site. There, you can find plenty of services such as a rideshare board, a USB battery charging spot, the lost and found (you are invited to bring lost objects to the entrance), the aid station, the site map, the timetable, the shuttle bus hours… And of course, if you have any question, the entrance is the place where you will find every answer.

The entrance will be open from Thursday July 11 2024 5PM to Monday July 15 2024 at 12PM.

Park and Camp

You are invited to spend a few days with us in a beautiful nature. For a fuller experience, on-site camping and parking is preferred, but there are also some BNBs and hotels not so far from the festival.

There is a large car park for you to use that is located just next to the campsite.

You can plant your tent next to the woods to enjoy some morning shade. It is not possible to plant your tent next to your car for safety reasons.

Take some sleeping gear as despite hot days, the nights are usually quite cold. We also advise you to bring materials to shadow your camp such as sheets, parasols...

The car park and camping will be open on Thursday July 11 2024 2PM. They will be closed on Monday July 15 2024 at 12PM.


For your comfort, we provide without any extra fee:

  • Drinking water (self-service near the showers)

  • Sun-heated showers (quite hot in the daytime, super cold at night)

  • Dry toilets (How to use dry toilets ?)

  • Garbage bags easily found everywhere on site.

  • USB battery charging spot found at the entrance and the bar (max 15W)

Please, put your trash in the designated bins! Use the yellow-ish bags for things that can be recycled (paper, heavy plastic, metal) and green-ish bags for what cannot (ie everything else except toxic waste such as light bulbs, batteries… that you should carry back with you).

These commodities will be accessible from Thursday July 11 2024 2PM to Monday July 15 2024 at 12PM.

Food & Drinks

Come at the bar to get any kind of drink: hot or cold, with or without alcohol, we'll end your thirst for half the price of the usual festival (beer pint from €5, soda from €1). For ecological reasons we don't sell water bottles. You have free access to tap water, just don't forget to bring your own gourd.

Many delicious food stalls will also be here to sustain your crazy dance moves and serve you amazing meals that we handpicked for their taste and ethics. Vegetarian & confessional (and still tasty and healthy) options available, just talk to the friendly waiters!

The Bar & Restaurants will be open from Friday July 11 2024 5PM to Sunday July 14 2021 at 10PM.


To live an optimal experience at Nataraja Psychedelic Gathering we recommend you to follow these advice:

  • Drink water regularly.

  • Take the time to eat complete meals. It’s a moment for you to enjoy some calm or a nice chat with people around you.

  • Grant enough sleep to yourself. That way you allow yourself to spend high quality days or nights.

  • The weather is hot in the daytime, keep your head and body protected from the sun with sunglasses, a crazy hat, sunscreen, fancy costumes...

  • Remember that the best place to rest in the daytime is in the shade. If you see anyone sleeping under the burning sun, please help them find a sweeter spot.

  • Always keep an eye on your drink.

  • If you feel bad or if you see anyone who needs help, please get in touch with the Aid Station at the entrance of the festival or the Psycare near the Chill Out stage.

  • If you find any lost object, bring it to the entrance. The staff there will try their best to hand it back to its rightful owner.

  • If you have lost anything, come and check out the lost & founds at the entrance. Don’t panic, someone will probably bring it back after some time!

  • More generally, show kindness towards yourself and the people around you. :) Love and respect are the keywords of a happy party.

Aid Station & Psycare

You are having a bad time ? You need to talk to someone or to get some rest ? The Aid Station and the Psycare are the two main spots where you can find help.

Aid Station

Composed of a trained first-aid workers team, the Aid Station is located at the entrance of the festival. It is a place where you can find help for medical and physical issues. The team is also more than willing to give you the attention and assistance you might need in case of psychological distress. A quiet room with a bed is at your disposal if you require some rest.


The Psycare is a place near the Chill Out stage where you will find support in a quiet and comfy space. A competent team will be present all along the festival to listen to you and offer you a soothing moment. They can give you advice and materials for auditive and sex protection or the use of alcohol and drugs.

Taking care of yourself and your entourage is essential in everyday life as much as during the festival. Let us know if you are facing a problem or know someone who needs help.

Festival Rules

As someone who weirdly sticks to the walls once said: “With great power comes great responsibility” !
Even if the gathering is a place of freedom and self management, there are also some rules to follow so we can peacefully live together:

  • No pets.

  • No fire (BBQ, bonfire... but you can still use your camping gaz).

  • No weapons.

  • No violence.

  • No glass bottles.

  • Always ask for consent before any physical promiscuity (even a hug, dude).

  • Kids under 15 should wear visible and efficient protective gear for their ears when they get closer than 200 meters from a sound system. (We recommend not to bring kids under 15 and to keep them under watch all the time)

  • Don't touch any of the installations that are not specifically meant to be touched (decoration, technical stuff, electric installation, building tools...).

  • Don't go where you are not allowed to: staff area, behind the bar or the toilets, on stage…

  • Use the toilets and only the toilets to do your business.

  • You can come in and out of the festival as many times as you like as long as you keep your entrance bracelet at your wrist, visible and unspoiled. Any damage to your bracelet might be considered an infringement to the rule so take good care of it!

  • Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, please follow the health instructions:
    • You must show your Sanitary Pass (negative PCR test taken within 48h, your immunity certificate or your vaccination certificate) to be allowed to enter the festival.

    • Wash your hands regularly

    • It is recommended to wear a mask

    • Don't share your cup

    • Respect the distances with each other especially when in a line or dancing.

Those might change until the festival date but will be clearly instructed to you at your arrival.

  • Follow direct instructions from the security team. It's for your safety !

Any infringement to those rules could lead to you being escorted out of the festival without the possibility for a refund.