Poï Ad+

The Poï Ad+ is THE Parisian reference for juggling! A passionate and over-motivated team of jugglers of all kinds, each crazier than the next. We just love it!

They organize monthly Full Moon Fire Jams in the Bois de Vincennes to juggle all together, exchange advice, play music, in an absolutely delicious atmosphere of love and sharing. They will be with us as a big team at the Nataraja Psychedelic Gathering to amaze you with fire shows, light shows and wanderings, but also to introduce you to all kinds of juggling practices such as buggeng, staff , the devil's stick, Chinese plates, juggling balls, bolas, peas, clubs or even the hula hoop!

They will often be at the Open Jongle space near the Main Stage to meet you and practice! Some workshops will take place under the marquee of the Art Factory! Seriously, it's the bomb.


Volybri is an aerial circus collective overflowing with energy who will present you with a dizzying show!

Dressed in their fluorescent costumes for the occasion, they will be easily recognizable flying and dancing in the air on their trapeze and fabric.

They already sent steak last year, they come back full of energy with more surprises, and who knows... maybe you'll soar through the air too! Because you can participate in an initiation workshop (be careful to be sober) to the different apparatus they practice: fabric and trapeze. A big thank you to them for their magical participation.

Get ready to be amazed!

Photo credit : Sophigraphie