Workshops & Activities

The Nataraja Psychedelic Gathering is a place where you are encouraged to express and enrich yourself through cultural activities such as painting, dance, juggling, games, volleyball, talks, exhibitions... Treat yourself to some of them !



Don't miss MAO's tutorial by the famous DJ Mogwaï of the duo Radikal Moodz!

Traditional Indian music

Pierre Selva and Olivier Partos are the two musicians of the band Muhurta with an absolute passion for Indian culture. Before playing on the Chill, they will explain you how Indian music works and tell you more about the musical instruments such as the sitar, the tabla and the tanpura.

Workshops & Activities

Juggling art

The Poï Ad+ collective will be present to offer you initiation sessions to buggeng, staff, devil's stick, Chinese plates, juggling balls, bolas, peas, clubs and hula hoop. Come and try one of these practices or improve your moves. All levels accepted.

With :

Modern dance improvisation

Chloé Dorémieux is a professional dancer whose influences are the world of night work as well as classical ballets, mime or circus arts. During her workshop you will be invited to have fun exploring the modern dance improvisation and interpretation in a caring environment.

Toon Party Role Play 

with Lux Felicis

L'Atelier du partage

Come and relax having exciting discussions with the artist Neo de Nebulom or be hypnotized by his work of art! Will you find the hidden mysteries in it ? The Sharing Factory is an exhibition area where you also can pick a board game and play with your friends.

Natara'Jam session

Bring your instrument and join the jam session that takes place at the chill out! You can even plug in :)

Introduction to aerial circus

with Collectif Volybri

is an aerial circus collective overflowing with energy who will present you with a dizzying show!

You can participate in an initiation workshop (be careful to be sober) to the different apparatus they practice: fabric and trapeze.

Costume contest

👉 3 prizes to be won!

Writing rap, song, poem

and restitution on stage with Zark

Talking Circle and Mixed Exchange 

Contraception, consent and sexuality, shall we talk about it?

 With Damien Ixcurason, Alchemist of the heart

Hula hoop introduction 

with Clara Jansen (Poï AD+


with Loan Cong (Poï AD+)


with Ludovic Bilski (Poï AD+)

Acrobatic dance workshop

with Sebteam

Body painting

with Nice 2 Paint You

Introduction to Thai massage

with Ty Main Sage

Participatory artwork

with Puzzle

Psychedelic photo-sensitive workshop

with Allie Rozetta

Macrame workshop

with Lucy Reba

Volleyball Net

Bring your ball, your badminton rackets and shuttlecock to take a sportive break at the Volleyball Net area!




It will be possible to borrow a game at the entrance of the festival in exchange for a deposit :

  • Mölkky

  • Awele

  • Saboteur

  • Werewolves

  • Chess

  • Coups d’un soir

Photo credit : Lila Azeu