Chill Out Program

Under the shade of a comfortable tent with cosy spot to lay on, come and discover the suave rhythms of psychill - handcooked by our relaxation chefs.

The Chill Out stage will be open from Friday 3pm to Sunday 8pm

Program Psychill Café

۞ 4bstr4ck3r (Digital Whomp)

۞ Ghost In the Chill (Psychill Café - France)

۞ O’deyan (Oréades Prod - France)

۞ Sound Strider (Red Tent Records - Australie)

۞ Prayazen

۞ Sylvain Bamdara (Psychill Café -


۞ Metabards (Red Tent Records - Australie)

۞ Healing Flow (Taïma Project - France)

۞ DJ Chien (Psychill Café - France)

۞ GLK (Psychill Café - France)

۞ Didgetaikoto (Psychill Café - France)

۞ Kino Doscun (Psychill Café)

۞ The Sonic BazaR (France)

۞ Spoink

۞ Doki Doc & Weird Lizard (Nataraja Records - France)

۞ Muhūrta (musique traditionnelle indienne)

۞ Mandaluni

۞ Stoïc Slane (Psychill Café)

۞ Psychill Café Selecta

Open from friday 3PM to sunday 8PM

Photo credit : Sophigraphie