Workshops & Activities

The Nataraja Psychedelic Gathering is a place where you are encouraged to express and enrich yourself through cultural activities such as painting, dance, juggling, games, volleyball, talks, exhibitions... Treat yourself to some of them !

Initiation au cirque aérien

Le Collectif Volybri est un collectif de cirque aérien débordant d'énergie qui va vous présenter un show vertigineux !

Elles ont déjà envoyé du steak l'année dernière, elles reviennent pleines d'énergie avec plus de surprises... car vous pourrez vous envoler dans les airs vous aussi ! Rejoignez l'atelier d'initiation (attention à être sobre) aux différents agrès qu'elles pratiquent : tissu, trapèze et cerceau.


Sound synthesis

Don't miss the sound synthesis tutorial with the great psytrance DJ, well know teacher and mastering engineer Earthworm aka Oddwave!

Saturday, 8.30PM-9.30PM, under the Workshops tent

Traditional Indian music

Pierre Selva and Olivier Partos are the two musicians of the band Muhurta with an absolute passion for Indian culture. Before playing on the Chill, they will explain you how Indian music works and tell you more about the musical instruments such as the sitar, the tabla and the tanpura.

Saturday, 12PM-1PM, under the Workshops tent

Ethnobotanical journey around tobacco

With a degree in ecology, biodiversity and evolution, Yoan Dejoie is a botanist who loves travelling. During his trip to Colombia, he discovered another side of tobacco. He will deal with this subject from an ethnobotanical angle in order to define its uses and representations by the different peoples on Earth such as the Colombian and Amazonian native cultures, Europeans and the rest of the world. Then you will be invited to participate in a workshop where you can prepare your own blend of herbs* for smoking to replace industrial tabacco.

Saturday, 3PM-4PM, under the Workshops tent

*no plant used exhibits psychotropic effects


Come learn about the universe, planets and stars with l'Observatoire astronomique Pierre Fayadat !

Friday or Saturday, 9PM-10PM, under the Workshops tent

Workshops & Activities

Juggling art

The Poï Ad+ collective brings together a team to play a huge juggling game and offer you the chance to win a beer ! But also, you will be more than welcome to join several workshops to practice and improve yourself in devil stick, bolas, juggling balls and contact staff!

Don't forget to register before

Game : Saturday, 5PM-6PM, Sunday 1PM-2PM

Initiations : (more info soon)

Modern dance improvisation

Chloé Dorémieux is a professional dancer whose influences are the world of night work as well as classical ballets, mime or circus arts. During her workshop you will be invited to have fun exploring the modern dance improvisation and interpretation in a caring environment.

Saturday, 11AM-12PM, and Sunday, 1PM-2PM, under the Workshops tent

Immersive video game

With Lux Felicis you could play a video game at night in which you can see yourself and play your character thanks to a camera! 

Friday and Saturday, 10PM-6AM

Painting & body painting

L’ArtOsé is a collective of artists with a passion for contemporary painting. They will exhibit their work for the pleasure of your eyes and to defend values that we hold dear such as eco-responsibility, sharing and access to art. But that is not all ! Whether you are an artist or not, you will be invited to become the creators of a piece of art that brings you together! A large participative fresco will be at your disposal to let your imagination run wild alongside Adrien, Victor, Martin and Quentin. You can also get tickled with the tips of their magical neon-colored brushes during a body painting session!

Friday : 6PM-1AM

Saturday : 1PM-9PM

Sunday :12PM-7PM


The astronomers of Observatoire astronomique Pierre Fayadat will make the trip to the Nataraja Psychedelic Gathering ! Laden down with their telescopes, they will guide you to take a closer look at the stars and answer all your questions about the sky (weather permitting!).

Friday or Saturday, 10PM-1AM (weather permitting)

The Sharing Factory

Come and relax having exciting discussions with the artist Néo de Nébulom or be hypnotized by his work of art! Will you find the hidden mysteries in it ? The Sharing Factory is an exhibition area where you also can pick a board game and play with your friends.

Zero waste workshop

La Kabane is a simple initiation workshop to the zero waste practices. It lasts from 20 to 30 minutes, with two phases. First, you attend to an introduction about zero waste basis (5-10 minutes). Then, you directly put this in practice to make your own everyday product (toothpaste, deodorant...). Of course, you will take your creation with you, and why not try again at home!

Every ingredients come from France, thus allowing to get home-made products that are better for your health than what we can find in the regular commerce.

Herbal smoke

Yoan Dejoie invites you to prepare your own blend of herbs* for smoking to replace industrial tobacco.

Saturday, 4.30PM-5.30PM, under the Workshops tent

*no plant used exhibits psychotropic effects

Musical instrument manufacture

La Boutique de l'Ecureuil is a place where you can make your own musical instrument with recycled and natural materials such as walnuts and bamboos. Children are welcome!

Do not forget to register on the board on site before.

Saturday and Sunday, 2PM-3PM, under the Workshops tent

Jam session

Bring your instrument and join the jam session that takes place at the chill out!

On Saturday from 2PM to 4PM


The eco-engraving workshop has been set up to promote ecological practices by using recycled Tetra Pak packings to make art with it. The concept : you carve your drawing on the packing, then you replicate it through a pasta machine, ink and a paper.

Saturday, 2PM-4PM

Volleyball Net

Bring your ball, your badminton rackets and shuttlecock to take a sportive break at the Volleyball Net area!


It will be possible to borrow a game at the entrance of the festival in exchange for a deposit :

  • Mölkky

  • Awele

  • Saboteur

  • Werewolves

  • Chess

  • Coups d’un soir

Photo credit : Lila Azeu