Noëmie Lekehal / @noemie_lekehal

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Léo Dieleman / @_dinography_

www.instagram.com/_dinography_ / www.leodieleman.com

Jonathan Shafer / @oliveur_le_reveur


Léo Crémonèse / @leo_cremonese

www.instagram.com/leo_cremonese / www.leocremoneseart.com

Victor Vergnory-Mion / @foncededetermine


Allie Rozetta / @allierozetta

www.instagram.com/allierozetta / www.allierozetta.com

Lucy Reba / @lusintheforest

https://www.instagram.com/lusintheforest/ / https://www.instagram.com/luuuluuu/

Swantje Totaal / @swantje.totaal


Vilains Dessins / Julie Rocher

https://vilainsdessins.tumblr.com/ / julierocher.com

Lucas Cesar Delorme

Neo de Nebulom

Come and relax having exciting discussions with the artist Neo de Nebulom or be hypnotized by his work of art! Will you find the hidden mysteries in it ? The Sharing Factory is an exhibition area where you also can pick a board game and play with your friends. 


Le Ballet des Créations

Check out some surprising paintings and hand crafted jewels made by Le Ballet des Créations!

Crédit photo : Sophigraphie