L’ArtOsé is a collective of artists with a passion for contemporary painting. They will exhibit their work for the pleasure of your eyes and to defend values that we hold dear such as eco-responsibility, sharing and access to art. But that is not all ! Whether you are an artist or not, you will be invited to become the creators of a piece of art that brings you together! A large participative fresco will be at your disposal to let your imagination run wild alongside Adrien, Victor, Léa, Lucie and Silver.

Néo de Nébulom

Come and relax having exciting discussions with the artist Néo de Nébulom or be hypnotized by his work of art! Will you find the hidden mysteries in it ? The Sharing Factory is an exhibition area where you also can pick a board game and play with your friends.

Le Ballet des Créations

Check out some surprising paintings and hand crafted jewels made by Le Ballet des Créations!



Fête un Don

Fête un Don is a charity whose vocation is to fight against poverty and social exclusion. Their team is composed of young people who are passionate and determined to help others and raise awareness of social issues. They will tell you about experiences and stories through a game and show pictures of their work.
Their main objective is to focus on local assistance namely redistributing clothing, food and hygiene kits during marauding. Find their stand at the festival! Instead of throwing away your uneaten edibles at the end of the festival, drop them off in their anti-waste box! They will redistribute them directly to people in need.

(More info coming soon)

Photo credit : The Curious Rouk